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Hand tied hair extensions as unique as you


All The Things

Nice Hair Podcast 

Nice Hair is a podcast for beauty enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, small business owners, clients and hair stylists co-hosted by me and my BFF, Haley Evans. You can listen anywhere you listen to podcasts, babe. If you love what we're doing, plz hit subscribe.


I'm Luna Method + NBR Certified, but basically I'm super mega passionate about hand tied hair extensions. I love how they transform the way my clients feel about themselves, and I love providing luxury experiences that literally change lives. You're perfect just the way you are, but extensions are the perfect cherry on top. 

Hello, I’m Hannah!

Here to create your dream hair full of texture

I specialize in creating custom blended hair extensions unique to your texture, because there is no one size fits all. 


What My Clients Say

Hands down the best hair experience I've ever had. Extensions, color, cut, style, addressed my concerns, everything. Hannah's skills are way beyond what is considered a master colorist/stylist in this area.

Ariel Dreams

I make them come true.

  • Hand tied hair extension pricing per weft (cost of hair not included)

    120 US dollars
  • Hand tied hair extension pricing per weft

    150 US dollars

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